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The Butts and The Green

The Butts on Butts Lane and The Green on Saville Way both provide spaces for recreation in the centre of the village. The Parish Council maintains these areas.

The Butts

The Butts is an historic piece of common land named after the archery targets used by men aged between 17 and 60 to practice their longbow as required under the Unlawful Games Act 1541 which was concerned that “modern” games such as an early versions of cricket and tennis were taking over from archery as recreation and meant that men would not be ready to go to battle.

By the 1960’s and ’70’s it was football that had won the day and The Butts was home to Fowlmere Football Club. As the club expanded with reserve and veterans teams the need for more pitches meant a fundraising effort was put in place and this led to the establishment of the Village Hall and Recreation Grounds in the early 1980’s

These days The Butts is home to children’s play equipment and junior football goals and hosts the annual Fowlmere Summer FĂȘte.


The Green at Saville Way

The land between St. Mary’s Church and The Round Moat was once home to a chicken farm, a smithy and some other agricultural features. In the 1970’s as the “baby boomers” became adults themselves it was clear that more housing was needed in the village and “The Round Moat Estate” was built. As part of this development The Green was created as an informal recreation space.

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